Time for a gap year?

Do you need time to think about your future and perhaps even find yourself?

With us you can study together with people from other countries, different ages and many different backgrounds.  We offer both shorter and longer courses.  Some will give study points which can be used towards continuing studies, whilst others will give a good start to what might become your future career.  With us you are given time to research and find the right path for you.

Folkhögskolan (People’s Academy) is a free and voluntary school which is based on individual’s own needs and desires.

Welcome to People’s Academy

This is how we work during the covid-19 pandemic


Borgå folkakademi
Borgå folkakademi21 hours ago
Det var kul i pulkabacken igår🤩
Borgå folkakademi
Borgå folkakademi2 days ago
En kram på stan! 😻Gammal goding från Akans youtube-kanal
Borgå folkakademi
Borgå folkakademi3 days ago
Ny kurs på kommande i mars😉
Borgå folkakademi
Borgå folkakademi7 days ago
Öva med Abimix och delta i Akans matematikkurs (det finns ännu några platser! )
Borgå folkakademi
Borgå folkakademi3 weeks ago
Skriver du lång matematik i studentexamen? 👉Anmäl dig till repetitionskurs för abiturienter - senast 11.1!
Borgå folkakademi
Borgå folkakademi3 weeks ago
Ett riktigt Gott Nytt År 2021