15th August 2022 – 25th May 2023

Applications periods are 1st February – 31st May 2022
and 10th June – 5th August 2022.

Do you want to be an actor? Do you want to focus on developing your skills for a full year?

The new study program in acting is aimed at students who want to deepen their knowledge in the performing arts, but also those who want to develop completely new skills. The program is designed to give you a broad education in different aspects of acting. You can also use this program of study as a springboard for further studies in theater, film acting, music theater and so on.

During the year you will be able to develop your knowledge and skills in primarily theatre, but also dance and singing in a safe environment with experienced teachers and instructors. The year consists of a basic course in theatre as well as workshops and longer modules in other subjects. We will also have guest lectures from professionals in the industry and you get the opportunity to participate in various productions.

During the studies you will get to know different roles on and behind the stage. You not only learn about the actor’s work image, but also what the director, producer, production assistants and technical staff do. You also learn acting from an educational angle; how to teach theatre and help your co-workers develop.

The program director is the theater director and educator Jermo Grundström. After more than ten years on stage, Jermo got a directing degree at the East 15 Acting School (University of Essex). After that he has directed plays around Finland. He has also taught at the Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulu (TAMK), the Skene musiikkiteatterikoulu and Uniarts in Helsinki.


Contact and further information

Programme co-ordinator:
Jermo Grundström | Phone +358 (0)44 031 3234 |

The training is arranged in Helsinki. Once the site has been confirmed, the info is updated to the website. Borgå folkakademi / Runebergsgatan 16-18 in the centre of Borgå.

Language of instruction:
The education is suitable for both Swedish- and Finnish-speakers.
Some lessons are also in English, based on the teacher’s language skills.

Study fees:
350 €/month including teaching, lunch & afternoon coffee

If you need accommodation, you can board in the school’s dormitory connected to the school in Porvoo (Borgå folkakademi Runeberginkatu 16-18, Porvoo). Then you are responsible for the travel costs between Porvoo and Helsinki.

Cost 200 €/month in a shared double room or 260 €/month for a single room, including breakfast Monday-Friday and supper Monday-Thursday. Further information about accommodation and costs can be found here.

Application periods and entrance exams:
First application period: 1.2-31.5.2022 (entrance exam is arranged in the middle of June).
Second application period: 10.6-5.8.2022 (entrance exam is arranged the second week of August).

Note the following:

  • The education is mainly aimed at persons 18 or more, but younger than 18 can apply.
  • Everyone who applies for the course will be asked to attend an entrance exam.
  • The second application period will only take place if not all the places were occupied during the first application period.

Apply here! – application form

The studies

The school year is split up into four main modules:

  • The work of the actor – ca 300 h
    • Body and communication
    • Text analysis
    • Improvisation
    • Movement
    • Scene studies
    • Speech technique
  • Physical theatre – ca 250 h
    • The fundamentals of physical theatre
    • Acrobatics
    • Dance theatre
    • Mask and mime
    • Stage combat
    • Devising
    • Improvisation
  • Musical theatre – ca 150 h
    • Music theory and reading sheet music
    • The history of musicals
    • Singing and expression
    • Choir and harmony
    • Audition technique
  • Film acting – ca 100 h
    • Film acting (in the class room)
    • Camera work (in front of the camera)
    • Script work
    • Post work (editing and directing)
    • Voice acting and dubbing
    • Casting workshops


The study program is bilingual (Swedish and Finnish). Some lessons are also taught in English, depending on the language skills of the teacher in question.

Goals for the year

  • To develop as an actor, dancer and singer
  • To gain a stronger self esteem and confidence as a performer
  • To broaden knowledge of the acting industry in Finland and abroad, as well as make new contacts in the industry


The studies are generally full-time folk high school studies, 25×45 min per week.

We withhold the right to change the contents and offers in our courses and educational programmes.

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