Animal Care

17th August 2020 – 27th May 2021

Interested in animals?

We offer a one year course for people wanting to know more about domestic animals and pets.  The focus is on the most common domestic animals, but the education also includes horses and farm animals.  Perhaps you are planning to start a business within an animal branch or perhaps in the future you are looking more as an animal carer?   Sign up for our Animal Care course to give you the basic knowledge and readiness within the subject area.

If you are mainly interested in dogs, check out our programme: Dog Consultant

Study visits and work experience

Included in the multi-faceted study programme are study visits as well as a three week practical placement. In previous years students have found work experience placements in veterinary clinics, pet shops, stables and livestock farms. The working experience time gives you the possibility to strengthen your theoretical knowledge, allows you to work with animals as well as build your own network of contacts for working life.



During the year we organise different events.  During the Animal Day (Djurens dag) we go on a walk together with the Dog Consultant in order to increase the awareness of the relationship between animals and people.

One year at the folkhögskola (People’s Academy) will generate six extra study points towards further study placement within second stage vocational education in Finland.



(25 h / week – daily lessons)

Anatomy och physiology

Animal’s basic anatomy and physiology from a comparative perspective.

Species – and knowledge of breeds

Recognise our most common domestic animals, livestock and hobby pets.

Animal photography

The basics in digital photography with special focus on animal photography.

Animal first aid

Be able to give first aid to animals with minor injuries as well as knowing when a veterinary surgeon should be called.

Animal welfare and ethics

The Animal Welfare Act in Finland and Northern Europe and should be able to discuss ethical questions about dealing with animals.

Treatment of animals

How to look after and treat animals and know about needs for specific breeds in their surroundings, care and treatment.


Be able to explain what ethology is and understand the mechanisms behind animal’s behaviour.


How to start their own business.


The basics of genetics as well as being able to calculate simple exercises on probable inheritance.

The basics of wellbeing (prophylaxis), (jointly with the dog consultant course)

About dogs most common illnesses, how they occur, symptoms, treatment and prognosis.

Basics of teaching good dog behaviour

Puppy development and master Clicker Training.

Customer service

Characteristics of good customer service and be able to reflect their own roles in dealing with customers.

Humans and animals

The history of animal types and their importance to humans, hobby activities in relation to animals as well as animal’s roles in art, film, rehabilitation and animals in public service.

Nutrition and feeding

The basics in nutrition as well as the correct feeding according to species, breed and individual.


Work experience

Students acquaint themselves with the animal industry and get an insight to what jobs there are and what is required in working life during the spring semester.


The course is aimed at people with an active interest in animals.  One year in folkhögskola (People’s Academy) will give six extra study points when one applies for a study place within the second level vocational training in Finland.  For students from Sweden and Norway we would remind you that the course is CSN and you are entitled to Lånekassen. Curriculum for Animal Care (in Swedish).

Contact and further information

Programme leader: 
Carina Nyholm | Phone +358 (0)40 8395 495 | 

Borgå folkakademi, Runebergsgatan 16-18 (in the centre of Borgå)

Tuition fee:
290 €/month including lessons, lunch and afternoon coffee.
Costs for student materials and excursions are extra.

If you need accommodation you can board in the school’s dormitory connected to the school.
Cost 140 €/month in a shared double room or 200 €/month for a single room, including breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and also afternoon coffee and supper Monday-Thursday.
Further information about accommodation and costs can be found here.

Final application date is 7.8.2020.

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We withhold the right to change the contents and offers in our courses and educational programmes.