Apply to Acting at Borgå folkakademi 2023-24 –

Apply to Acting at Borgå folkakademi 2023-24

Everyone who applies for Akan’s acting study program is invited to an entrance exam.
We ask for comprehensive information from you already now to get to know you and in this way be able to build up a study content that suits you and the group best.
The application period for our study programs for next school year is 1.2.2023-11.8.2023.

The acting study program is arranged throughout the school year 2023–24 if there are enough interested parties, 22.8.2023–24.5.2024.

Finally, click on “Submit application” to submit your application.

Acting application - Borgå folkakademi
The dormitory is located in Porvoo. Accommodation is based on sharing a double room. Private rooms are arranged when possible. We also assume that the residents have basic communication skills in English, Swedish or Finnish.
Now is your opportunity to make an impact on our courses for next year.