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A year of compulsory education at People’s Academy

The folk high school year at Akan – EfterNian

From August 2021, you who have graduated from ninth grade can choose to attend a year at people’s academy as part of your compulsory education. Here (in Swedish) you will find more general info about what it means. At Akan, you who are entitled to compulsory education can choose to attend our program free of charge.

EfterNian is aimed at you who are a compulsory schooler and do not yet want or are ready to continue your secondary education. Maybe you need more time to think about what you want to study and what kind of work you want to do in the future, maybe you want to try different fields before making decisions. Maybe you’re tired of school and feel like you need space and an opportunity to do something else before you continue.

In the EfterNian program, you will study partly general subjects that will help you improve your basic and study skills, and partly subjects of your choice. You can also raise your elementary school grades to improve your chances of getting into the education or school you want later.

Akan is a folk high school, which means we have students of all ages and backgrounds. Some of our students come from different countries, which makes our learning environment international. For electives in the EfterNian program, you can choose to study part of your school year in other folk high school programs at our school, such as a music or animal program. You can read more about these and their content on our website www.akan.fi under “Programs”.

We operate in the center of Porvoo in a cozy and familiar environment. We have our own kitchen that makes good food and if you want you can live in a school dorm, but you can also live well at home.

We transform school days by organizing instruction both in the classroom and in nature or elsewhere in society. We organize excursions and work practically closely. EfterNian’s program also includes an internship during which you can try working in any field you want.

During EfterNian, you will also get help finding your future study or career path. The training includes personal guidance according to your own needs.

At Akan, we emphasize community and participation in everything we do. Everyone participates in different ways, and if you also have fun together, everyone will learn best. We want everyone to feel safe and be with themselves.

Welcome to Akan!

The structure of the studies

The studies are carried out as contact studies, 25 lessons per week. All students work with teachers to develop a personal study plan at the beginning of the semester. The plan is monitored during the school year and updated as necessary. At the beginning of the school year, common subjects are offered and the group works together. Later, optional parts are added and students then participate in the teaching of other folk high school programs of their choice.

The school year covers 36 study weeks from August to May, which includes a longer Christmas holiday and a ski holiday.

Teaching methods vary depending on what is being discussed. It is partly about classroom teaching, which includes practical exercises, and partly about teaching outside the classroom, for example in the form of various excursions and visits. The studies include an internship period of two weeks.

At school, we offer lunch and snacks daily, which are prepared in our school’s own kitchen.

During the year, the school and the school student body organize various occasions and events. Students have great freedom to implement their own ideas together with other students at the folk high school. Cohesion and inclusion are important values ​​in the school.


Common studies:

  • Basic mathematical skills and problem-solving ability
  • Mother tongue
  • History and society
  • Everyday skills and life skills
  • Study and working life skills
  • Internship in working life

Optional studies:

  • Visual arts
  • Creative writing
  • Cultural experiences
  • Drama
  • Photography and film
  • Music
  • Nature, environment and geography


The goal of EfterNian is to give students the opportunity to try out different subject areas before choosing a future study and work path. The training strengthens students’ life and study skills and gives them time to mature and clarify their future plans.

Other important goals are to support students in finding motivation to study and to strengthen their self-esteem and belief in their own abilities. At Akan, everyone is respected as such.

Come to the school for a year to reflect on your future!


The application for the Akan Folk High School year will take place through the joint application during the application period from 20 February to 19 March 2024 at opintopolku.fi.