Introduction to Intercultural Communication (5sp, Open University at Åbo Akademi)

24.9 + 9-11.10.2020

24.9 + 9-11.10.2020. The course starts with a lesson on the meeting app Zoom 24.9 at 18.00. Lectures in class 9-11.10 Friday 17-20.30 and Sat + Sun 10-15.30.

Location: Borgå folkakademi, Runebergsgatan 16-18, Borgå

Teacher: Elisabeth Glatz | Course language: English

Course fee: 60,00€ | Deadline for registrations: 10.9.2020.

-> Fill in the registration form or contact nina.wackstrom (at) | +358 40 5687027

Additionally: Open University students are charged a study fee of 50 €/term by the Centre for Lifelong Learning / Åbo Akademi. (If cancellation is made later than three weekdays before the course begins, an annulment fine of € 20.00 will be charged by CLL.) More info:

Course contents:

The course deals with how cultural situatedness affects our ways of interaction. It introduces basic concepts from the field of intercultural communication but also discusses various alternative perspectives on cultural differences and identities in relation to views on communication and interaction. The course also addresses issues about stereotypes and racism, and alternative ways of understanding and approaching human diversity, e.g. from an ethical perspective. The course students acquire knowledge of basic intercultural concepts and theories in order to be able to recognize, discuss and analyze “intercultural encounters, miscommunication and conflict”, and address corresponding issues regarding competences.

At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to:

  • present and discuss concepts and theories of relevance for intercultural communication and encounters
  • recognize and analyze challenges, boundaries and possibilities for communication and cooperation in relation to intercultural encounters in various contexts
  • critically reflect on their own cultural situatedness and biases in relation to other

Generic skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical thinking
  • The ability to write and edit texts
  • Argumentation skills
  • Communication in English language

Lectures, seminars, self-studies. Written assignments and essays.

Course literature:

  1. Piller, Ingrid
    Intercultural communication: a critical introduction
    Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2011 E-book: 978-07-4863-244-2
  2. Martin, Judith N. & Nakayama Thomas K.
    Intercultural communication in contexts
    New York: McGraw-Hill 2012, 6th ed. 978-0-07-803677-4
  3. Øyvind Dahl, Iben Jensen and Peter Nynäs (eds.).
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