16th August 2021 – 24th May 2022

Applications periods are 1st January – 31st May 2021
and 14th June 9th August 2021

The programme is a collaboration between Borgå folkakademi and Taidetehtaan Tanssikoulu.

One Year Dance Program

Our one year dance program is designed for dedicated dancers, who are either preparing to apply to a degree program in dance or are still unsure about their future career path. Whether you are specialized in one dance style or are an all-rounder, we offer you a diverse course program that enables you to develop and expand your skills in a fruitful learning environment, supported and guided by a team of enthusiastic and creative teachers.

Apart from shaping your own unique style, you will learn about the different stages, approaches and methods used by choreographers as well as dancers through the creation of productions. In addition, you will explore dance pedagogy both from the teacher’s and the student’s perspective. Regarding style, the training focuses on street dance and modern dance.

Use this opportunity to prepare yourself for auditioning or just spend a gap year dancing. Here you can try out new things, immerse yourself in dance, learn to succeed and fail in a safe environment in the heart of Porvoo.

Dance style

Contact and further information

Programme co-ordinator:
Hanne Kauppinen | Phone +358 (0)40 183 0993 |

Taidetehdas, Läntinen Alexanterinkatu 1B
Borgå folkakademi, Runebergsgatan 16-18 in the centre of Borgå.

Language of instruction:
The education is bilingual and is suitable for both Swedish- and Finnish-speakers.

Study fees:
400 €/month including teaching, lunch and coffee.

If you need accommodation you can board in the school’s dormitory connected to the school.
Cost 200 €/month in a shared double room or 260 €/month for a single room, including breakfast Monday-Friday and supper Monday-Thursday.
Further information about accommodation and costs can be found here.

Application periods and entrance exam
First application period: 1.1-31.5.2021 (entrance exam 10-11.6.2021)
Second application period: 14.6-9.8.2021 (entrance exam 11.8.2021)

Note that if you are unable to attend the entrance exams, it is also possible to be accepted on the basis of previous dance degrees, videos or telephone interviews.

Apply here! – application form

We withhold the right to change the contents and offers in our courses and educational programmes.

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