Financial study support –

Financial study support

Information for northern European students, scroll down.


For those who are entitled to financial support in Finland, school year 2022-23:

As a student enrolled in our study programme you receive 268,23 €/month as a study grant, when you are 18 years old, unmarried and live in the school dormitory or elsewhere.

If you live at the school dormitory there is a housing allowance of 88,87 €/month.
If you live on rent elsewhere, you apply for a general housing allowance and then the income and housing costs affect.

Here (in Swedish) or here (in Finnish) via FPA’s calculator, you can calculate exactly what you get in study grant and housing allowance.
More information about the study grant from FPA can be found here.

You are eligible to receive a student allowance from the month following your 17th birthday. The student’s own income impacts the financial support level and students should ensure that their income doesn’t exceed the allowed income.  For those students under 20, parents’ incomes will be taken into consideration i.e. an increased or decreased amount of financial support.

Check the conditions carefully for both student allowances and housing allowances, as well as what factors will affect your support before you apply – so you avoid problems and delays in payment. If you study in a fee-paying programme in a folkhögskola (People’s Academy) and reside as a boarder there, you have the right to claim housing allowance (88,87€ per month).
Your local Folkpensionsanstalten (National Pension Fund or FPA/KELA) will be able to answer your questions. On the FPA’s website are forms where you can apply for student allowances, housing allowances and studying loans: You can also get forms from the school office once term has started.


Studying at Borgå folkakademi is CSN-eligible, contact for more information.


Studying at Borgå folkakademi is eligible for support from Lånekassen, contact for more information.


Applying for support for studying at Borgå folkakademi should be through Folkehøjskolernes Forening in Denmark, contact for more information.