Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

When does the school year start and finish?

August 22nd 2023 – May 24th 2024. The school year contains 36 study weeks.

The next academic year starts August 19th 2024 and continues until May 23rd 2025

How does one apply to Borgå folkakademi? 

The application period to our study programmes for the school year 2024-25 is open between 1.2.2024 – 11.8.2024.

When you apply, you will receive a notification that we have received your application. All of our programs have an entrance exam or an individual interview together with the respective program manager. You will receive information and your personal time for the entrance exam / interview from the program manager.
The entrance test / the individual interview will be arranged in June and August 2024 at the school, if you are unable to come on site, the interviews can be arranged remotely.

For a study programme to start we need a minimum number of participants.
If the programme you have applied for will not start we will inform you as soon as possible, by the latest in the beginning of August.

The application forms are available here

You can also contact our school office via or tel. +358 (0)19 5769500.

How long are the study courses?

9 months programme (36 study weeks):
Dance, Dog consultant, Svenska – International Swedish Course and Acting.

Does Borgå folkakademi have an entrance exam? 

Yes, all our programs have either an entrance exam or an entrance interview.
We assume the completion of secondary school. Many of our students are student graduates.

Do you have any age requirements? 

In Borgå folkakademi students are of all different ages.

How much do the studies cost? 

Look here beneath “Accommodations and Costs”.

Can one receive study allowance? 

Our study programme entitles you to the State’s study allowance in 6th form college (form OT 1r). More information about study allowance can be found here.

You can also apply for housing allowance and a study loan. Forms are here (in Swedish) and in the school office. More information about study allowance can also be found on FPA’s website

Studies are also eligible for CSN, and Lånekassen, in Sweden and Norway respectively.  In Denmark you can apply for financial study support from Folkehøjskolernes Forening, (in Danish).

How does one live as a boarder? 

The school has two boarding schools, both on the school’s premises. We primarily fill the boarding school in Tegelhuset. Our rooms are furnished. Generally, two students live in the same room. If possible, we also offer single rooms for an extra fee.

The boarding school in connection with the school consists of different solutions with double rooms with access to a shared kitchen and TV room.

Can finnish speakers study at Borgå folkakademi? 

Yes. We have had many students with Finnish as their mother tongue study with us!  Borgå folkakademi is a great way of getting another language “for free” while you study what you are interested in.

Can one bring one’s pet if one is a boarder?

A limited number of dogs are allowed for those studying on the Dog Consultant programme. 
For more details contact Christina von Pfaler,

NB! Students applying for the Dog Consultant course from Sweden, Norway or Denmark and are wondering whether to bring your dog with you: check out Finnish Food Authority’s website website and read what applies when importing animals to Finland.

Work experience weeks in school?

Work experience weeks are normally organised during spring at the beginning of April.

How does one get from Helsinki Airport to the school and Borgå?

Take a bus from Helsingfors-Vanda (HEL) airport to Helsingfors. You can find the timetable from: Matkahuolto
Write in From where: Helsingfors-Vanda airport To: Kampen/Kamppi, Helsingfors Departure: Choose the date.
Then you write in From where: Kampen/Kamppi, Helsingfors To: Borgå bus station Departure: Choose the date.

How does one get from Skatudden / Olympiastranden in Helsingfors to the school and Borgå?

When you arrive in Helsingfors with Viking Line or Silja Line take a local bus, taxi or walk to the bus terminal at Kampen/Kamppi.
A map from Viking Line’s terminal to Kampen is here. A map from Silja Line’s terminal to Kampen is here.

Then you take a bus from Kampen to Borgå. You can find timetables here: Matkahuolto
Write in From where: Kampen/Kamppi, Helsingfors To: Borgå bus station Departure: Choose the date.