International Swedish Course –

International Swedish Course

Svenska – International Swedish Courses

Academic year 2024-25
August 19th 2024 – May 23rd 2025

Application period
Application for the academic year 2024-25
opens 1.2.2024

In Finland we have two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. At our school the main language is Swedish. Our courses provide knowledge in Swedish and knowledge about Finnish society and culture. The studies are full-time and consist of five lessons per day, Monday to Friday, from August to May. The courses include lunch and afternoon coffee.

Welcome to learn Swedish with us!

If you have an integration plan with the TE-Office, in that case the courses are free of charge for you, and you can also apply for financial support for your living costs during your studies. More information here and here at TE-Office homepage.

Language certificate

If you need a language certificate to be used to demonstrate your language proficiency in a work application or assignment or for further studies, we can help you to participate in the national language proficiency test for adults. The test is also required if you want to apply for Finnish citizenship. As Finland is a bilingual country you can choose to take the test either in Finnish or Swedish. The test assesses participant’s oral and written language skills. Read more here.

Contact and further information

Maria Ingman

Programme Director:
Maria Ingman |
| 044 914 3612

Borgå folkakademi / Runebergsgatan 16-18 in the centre of Borgå.

Language of instruction:
The majority of classes are taught in Swedish.

Study fee:
The studies at Svenska – International Swedish Course are free of charge if you have an integration plan with the TE-Office. The education includes lunch (Monday-Friday) and afternoon coffee (Monday-Thursday).

For students without an integration plan, the tuition fee is 120 €/month including lunch (Monday-Friday) and afternoon coffee (Monday-Thursday).

(The fees apply to the academic year 2023-24)

If you need accommodation you can board in the school’s dormitory connected to the school.
Cost 200 €/month in a shared double room or 260 €/month for a single room, including breakfast Monday-Friday and supper Monday-Thursday.
Further information about accommodation and costs can be found here.

Application period: 1.2.2024 – 11.8.2024

Please feel free to contact us in case you have questions or need assistance.
Phone +358(0)19 576 9500 or send e-mail

We teach Swedish at two levels:

Svenska – International Swedish Course (Svenska 1)

This is a course for beginners. We learn by speaking, listening, reading and writing, but the main focus is on oral communication. You will achieve the basics of Swedish so that you can understand and make yourself understood in various everyday situations. The aim of this course is to reach a language competence equivalent to level A1-2 of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Svenska – International Swedish Course (Svenska 2)

This course requires a basic knowledge of Swedish. If you have not participated in Svenska 1 at our school, we will do an individual assessment test to define your language level. In comparison to Svenska 1 this course focuses more on the written language and language competencies needed at work. The aim of this course is to reach the level B1-2 of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Central subjects in both courses

  • Language training in everyday situations

  • Language correctness

  • Introduction to Finnish culture and society

  • Practical language training and projects

  • Study and employment guidance

  • Study visits and tours

  • Practical work-placement to enhance your daily language skills and possibilities to create work-related contacts (two weeks in spring)

Students must have reading and writing skills in the latin alphabet.


At the end of every school year, we organize a 2-3 day long trip together to some place to practice our Swedish. In the last years we have visited Stockholm, the Åland Islands and Ostrobothnia. Where to go next time is something we decide together within the group.

We withhold the right to change the contents and offers in our courses and educational programmes.

Feedback about the national language proficiency test for adults (YKI-test) and the Swedish studies by student Naomi:

” Akan gives students the best full-time Swedish-speaking environment in Finland, where studying a language becomes fun and so natural. The YKI-test is not that simple and requires a huge amount of learning and personal effort. Akan was like my home, where I get all the support I need to pass the test in three months. I love Akan and am completely grateful to my friends, teachers and staff there. “