Lunch –


Week 48

Monday – Friday  11:00 12:30 hrs.


  • Chili con Carne, rice
  • Chili sin Carne, rice


  • Oven baked potato with chicken and vegetable filling
  • Oven baked potato with cottage cheese and vegetable filling


  • Tuna fish sauce, pasta, grated cheese
  • Vegetable sauce with tomatoes, pasta, grated cheese


  • Sausage soup, bread, cheese
  • Mushroom and aura cheese soup
  • Tosca bun


  • Ham Temptation
  • Root vegetable Temptation

Monday – Friday  11:00– 12:30 hrs.

Lunch includes salad, hot main dish, water, milk, sour milk as well as coffee or tea.

Lunch price is 9 € and 7 € for seniors.

Lunch tickets can be bought from the school office in ten-piece package at a price of 90 or 70 €. Exceptionally, tickets are sold separately.
Means of payment: Bank card or cash.
We prefer card payment.


We serve Fairtrade coffee, honey and bananas.

The kitchen sorts waste of glass, paper, cardboard, metal and bio-waste.

Our kitchen uses mainly Finnish ingredients such as potatoes, vegetables and dried peas.


 The kitchen serves ecological milk. 

The fish we serve is MSC certified.