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Develop as a musician with the help of professional music educators.

15th August 2022 – 25th May 2023

Applications periods are 1st February– 31st May 2022
and 10th June – 5th August 2022

Akan’s new course in music is aimed at people who have a strong interest in music, singing or playing one or more instruments, and who have ambitions to broaden their knowledge in music. This course offers a great alternative for people wanting to prepare themselves for further studies in music.

Electric guitar

We offer you a full-time music education where you will develop yourself together with other music enthusiasts under the leadership of music professionals.

The course leader for Akan’s new music course is the music educator, musician and singing teacher Peik Holländer.

“We felt that an alternative was needed for full-time studies in music in Porvoo. We now have a few years behind us, and the number of applicants is growing every year. Everyone in this year’s group takes big steps forward in their music all the time, which is nice to see”, says Peik.

The studies (25h/week) run from 15.8.2022-25.5.2023.

The objectives for your time on Akan’s music course are:

  • You have developed as a musician and songwriter
  • You have a better theoretical understanding, as well as better “feel”, for different styles of music
  • You have a better knowledge of pop/rock music history, as well as the music industry
  • You have a stronger musical self-confidence
  • You have made new contacts

Contact and further information

Programme co-ordinator:
Peik Holländer | Phone +358 (0)40 0622 461 |

Borgå folkakademi / Runebergsgatan 16-18 in the centre of Borgå.

Language of instruction:
The majority of classes are taught in Swedish.

Study fees:
350 €/month including teaching, lunch and coffee.

If you need accommodation you can board in the school’s dormitory connected to the school.
Cost 200 €/month in a shared double room or 260 €/month for a single room, including breakfast Monday-Friday and supper Monday-Thursday.
Further information about accommodation and costs can be found here.

Application periods and entrance exam:
First application period: 1.2-31.5.2022 (entrance exam is arranged in the middle of June)
Second application period: 14.6-9.8.2021 (entrance exam is arranged the second week of August)

Note the following:

  • The education is mainly aimed at persons 18 or more, but younger than 18 can apply.
  • Everyone who applies for the course will be asked to attend an entrance exam. The sole point of the entrance exam is for us to get to know you better, both as a musician and as a person, so that we can edit the study content according to the needs of our new students.
  • The second application period will only take place if not all the places were occupied during the first application period.

Apply here – application form

 Peik Holländer
Programme co-ordinator Peik Holländer


We plan to offer the following subjects. In addition to general courses you have the possibility to elective courses.  The study content is adapted to students’ interests and needs.

Courses we offer:

  • Playing in a band
  • Project
  • Songwriting
  • The history of rhythm music
  • Theory of music and ear training
  • Choir
  • Sound engineering
  • Stage presence
  • Knowledge of the music industry
  • Workshops in style, song techniques etc.


  • Concerts and other shorter performances
  • Guest lectures in knowledge of the music industry, songwriting etc.
  • Studio time, the process of recording

Live Performance Workshop

The week will finish with a joint Live Performance Workshop where you and your fellow students have the opportunity to perform for each other with what you have learned during the week. In these lessons we also deal with e.g. singing technique and ergonomics on all instruments through theory and practice


Masterclasses consist of guest lectures and artist interviews with professionals from within the music industry.


During your time at Akan you can also graduate in the Theory of music and in your chosen instrument(s).

We withhold the right to change the contents and offers in our courses and educational programmes.

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