Wooden Boat Building School in Kuggom

31 August 2020 – 18 December 2020 (autumn course)


31 August 2020 – 28 May 2021 (autumn-spring course)


11 January 2021 – 28 May 2021 (spring course)

 En båtbyggarutbildning för dig som är intresserad av båtkultur och hantverk och vill lära dig grunderna i traditionellt träbåtsbygge och -reparation.

A boat building course for people interested in boat culture and craftwork and would like to learn the basics of traditional wooden boat building and repair.

Learn something new, repair your own wooden boat and get new friends at the same time!  It is an advantage if you have previous experience in carpentry, but if you are eager and have inspiration these are just as useful.  In this group everyone succeeds.

During the course you will learn how to repair your own wooden boat’s hull, or decking, and how to make interior changes.  

You might be a student or on sabbatical leave, a retiree or looking for a new direction in life.  We offer you a year-long academic course during which time you will be able to repair your own wooden boat.  (Alternatively you can choose a half-year programme lasting 4,5 months).

At our disposal is a versatile wooden boatbuilding hall with time-honoured machines, and for the teaching and guidance we have an experienced teacher.

Bring your own tools with you, or build up your toolkit during the training. 

The programme comprises a total of 36 study weeks.  (If you participate in the programme during the autumn term it comprises of 16 study weeks, spring term comprises 20 weeks etc.). 25 hours of tutorials per week. In addition students are encouraged to work in the workshop on their own.

Teaching is in Swedish and Finnish.

 “Minulle on tärkeää verstaan ilmapiiri. Reilu ja kannustava, sekä iloinen ilmapiiri synnyttää hyvää tulosta.”Opettaja Esko Mattsson
Wooden boat

Contact and further information

Curriculum for wooden boatbuilding repair:
Eero Ranta | Phone +358 (0)40 5371 243 | eero.ranta@akan.fi
Boatbuilding teacher with a long and solid experience.

Traditionscentret (Tradition centre) in Kuggom, Folkhögskolevägen 16, Lovisa. 
Teaching is organised as a joint course between Axxell and Borgå folkakademi, in Kuggom’s Traditionscentrum (in Swedish) facilities.

Study fees: 
400 €/month (including teaching, lunch and coffee). The cost of materials is extra. In addition we charge a moderate hall fee for a larger boat.

If you need lodging it can be arranged in the traditionscentrets (Tradition centre’s) boarding facilities. (140 €/month in a double room; 200 €/month in a single).

Final day for applications is 21.8.2020 for the courses beginning in September 2020
(4,5/9 months).

Final day for applications is 31.10.2020 for the course beginning in January 2021
(4,5 months).

Apply here – application form

For the programme we can only enrol 15 wooden boat enthusiasts (minimum 12 participants).

We reserve the right to change the contents and offers in our courses and educational programmes.

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