Swedish language education, Stream 5

16.09.2024 - 12.06.2025

Are you interested in learning Swedish and working in the social welfare and health care sector?

Caregiver is one of the most required professions in Finland. There is a big need of caregivers for working in Swedish language in Finland. Akan Borgå folkakademi in cooperation with Professional Institute Practicum is recruiting a group of immigrants who is interested in studying and working in care in Swedish. 

The programme starts with 9 months of intensive Swedish language course. After that the group will study for the profession of Care Assistant (omsorgsassistent)  as part of Practical Nurse program (lähihoitaja/ närvårdare). Completed vocational education provides the participants with good opportunities for employment in social welfare and health care.

Applicants are required to have permission to live in Finland.

1st part of the program: Nine months of intensive Swedish language course provided by Borgå folkakademi, Akan. The course takes place in the Arcada facilities (Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1, Helsinki).

  • Course duration: 16.09.2024 – 12.06.2025
  • Study schedule: Mon-Thu 10.00 – 15.00 in-class education (20 lessons/week)
  • 35 weeks of language education
  • Including 4 (2+2) weeks of language practice at private and municipal care units
  • Address: Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1, Helsinki.

2nd part of the program: after the language studies, participants will start the training for becoming a registered care assistant and after that – practical nurse in the Professional Institute Prakticum.

During the different stages of the vocational education there will be an opportunity to work at Swedish-speaking private and municipal care institutions in the capital region. 

Prerequirements and application: To apply you do not need to speak Swedish, you will receive language and vocational education within the program, but as the pace is intensive the students are expected to study actively also between classes. Participants are selected on a competitive basis.
Previous experience in caregiving for elderly, handicaps or/and children is a plus.

Price: This course is financed by public funding and private funds. It is free of charge for the participants. 

To get more information about the program please contact Project Coordinator Maria Niemelä by mail: maria.niemela(at)akan.fi

Deadline for applications: 10.09.2024. Applicants will be called to an individual interview before admission.